A Dish a Day, 195 countries

We started on this crazy journey to try a dish from EVERY country in the world, 6 weeks ago. Cooking is something Umberto and I both love but we had fallen into a rut of cooking things we knew and dishes that were quick and simple. That all changed one evening when I had some eggplant to use up and needed a change from our usual so I did a search for “Russian” eggplant recipes and quickly found a recipe for “spicy Russian eggplant”. We were so impressed by the way the eggplant turned out, we decided to try a dish from every country around the world.

6 weeks in, we’ve tried recipes from 21 countries. Our favorite has been Thailand and Indonesia. Some recipes have been fails (Canada!). The recipes have to follow some guidelines:

1. Nothing too complicated or too many steps, the most complicated recipe is saved for Sunday evening.

2. Ingredients must be available here (Naples, Italy)

3. Seafood is usually a no (but we have run into some exceptions, Iceland for example).

Welcome to our journey through the world through cooking!

Vietnamese Beef Pho
Columbian Arroz con Pollo
Mauritian Stir Fried Pickled Cabbage & Carrots

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