Greece was a country I was looking forward to, my mom and I used to eat at a little Greek restaurant in Belleville, IL. I loved the pita bread, tzaztiki dip and the salad. I visited Greece a few years ago and my favorite food was the thick Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts. It was difficult to choose only one or two recipes for Greece since there are so many. I decided to go with tzaztiki sauce, pita bread, giant butter beans in tomato sauce and the classic Greek salad with feta. All of these recipes were fairly quick, little ingredients required and all the ingredients could easily be purchased here. The only ingredient I had difficulty finding was dill, I replaced it with chives.

The Greek Spread

What we liked:

  • Giant Butter Beans- we never eat this bean so it was fun to try something new
  • Tzaztiki- almost as creamy as a cheese
  • The tangy feta and olives


  • Raw onions in the salad
  • Raw garlic in the tzaztiki
  • My pita bread making skills need improving
Greek Salad- with the feta placed on top

Tonight we will be visiting the island of Mauritius!

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