An American in Naples

I have been encouraged by a friend to start a blog on cooking in Italy as an American. I’m taking up her challenge as I have run out of energy on cooking food from around the world, the hardest part for me in cooking recipes from the around the world is the food waste associated with it (various ingredients only needed once) and the difficulty in finding such ingredients. I love cooking but I want to cook with what is easily available to me and with little waste and extra expenses. So here we are, an American in Naples cooking Italian food with a twist and a bit of zest from the traditional recipes.

Italian food in Italy is not at all what you would find in the US. Each has their own special place in the culinary world, neither is good nor bad (though the quality of pasta in the US is usually not good!). So stay with me, check back and please continue reading. See you next time (with a recipe!).

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