American Catch Up

We flew back to the US a little over two weeks ago after two weeks of having my mom visit us in Italy. The two weeks we spent with my mom in Italy were so much fun. We visited the island of Capri for four days. Capri was beautiful and we had a great time swimming at Marina Piccola. The town of Capri was also a fun evening full of restaurants, shops and a busy central piazza. Capri is expensive though, too expensive. The prices of food and beach rentals are double or triple of the mainland, it is even more expensive than the Amalfi Coast. It is is also filled with tourists, which obviously rises the prices. We had a great time though and would recommend it if you are visiting Naples in the summer, even for a day visit. The rocky beaches create beautiful clear, turquoise water.

Beautiful Marina Piccola in Capri
Beautiful Water in Marina Piccola

After we left Capri we spent four days in Calabaia, Calabria, where we’ve visited for the past three years. The water in Calabria is beautiful as well, but this year we were greeted with blooms of large jelly fish. The kids were scared at first but eventually got over it and played in the water after it seemed like the jelly fish weren’t coming in anymore. We had a great four days but were happy to get out of the sun for a few days. After we left Calabria, we had a day at home before flying home to the US.

I’ve taken a picture of the kids on this rock for three years!
Raffy posing on the rocks near “Jellyfish Bay”

Our trip to the US was complicated, there were long flight delays, missed flights, an unexpected overnight in Dallas, a lost phone, sitting on the runway after finally landing in St.Louis, for an hour and half due to storms and the ramp being closed and finally at the end, catching Covid. A few days after landing in St.Louis, the Covid symptoms showed up and I tested positive Tuesday morning. This led to nearly a week of chills, exhaustion, and a bad cough that is still hanging around despite now testing negative. The kids made it out with barely any symptoms, luckily.

We ended up cancelling our trip to Florida and rescheduling Disney for the next year due to Covid, we booked a trip to Great Wolf Lodge instead, where we are now.

Until next time!

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