This Season of Life

One of my more recent posts, I posted that I went back to work and was very happy with the decision. We faced the same problem though that most working parents face with young children, child care. We couldn’t establish childcare we both felt comfortable with. In the end, we decided the best decision for our family was if I stayed at home. I am sad to not work but I know this is the best decision for us and I felt like I had a weight lifted off of my shoulders knowing we wouldn’t need to worry about child care.

Staying at home though for me, can be isolating. One thing I have learned from my month of working in the spring was that organization is key and will continue to be key even if I am not working. For this season of life, this is where we are. When the children are bigger and more independent, it will be another season of life.

Yesterday, we spent the day at the St.Louis Zoo. We haven’t been to a zoo since last summer and I was so surprised how much more excited the kids were to see the animals this time! We spent all afternoon and left around 6. The weather in St.Louis in the summer is usually too hot or humid to visit the zoo but yesterday there was finally a break in the heat and humidity and we quickly decided to go to the zoo. Raffi said his favorite animal was the anaconda snake and stingrays and Felicity’s was the flamingo.

Raffi at the penguins
Kids with a snake (forgot which one!)

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