Parenting, Italian Style.

Parenting varies greatly from country to country, even from family to family. I believe though countries can be more or less generalized into a particular parenting style, even if it varies from family to family. Cultures share certain traits and mindsets and create general charecteristics of how the society acts in situations. To say, I don’t think all Italian parents act this way nor do all American parents act in a certain way.

That being said, the general act of parenting in Italy is vastly different than what I have experienced in the US. Italians, in my experience, disregard safe sleeping guidelines that have been so important in the US in the past 25 years. Babies still sleep in cribs with large, cushioned bumpers, small pillows and large amounts of blankets. In the US we are told how unsafe this is and babies should sleep in cribs with no bumpers, no pillows, and babies should wear sleep sacks until they are a little over one or be swaddled until they are usually around three months old. Babies in Italy are also pushed in large prams, all decked out in blankets even in the hot summer months, while US parents are warned of overheating babies and they should be always dressed appropriately. Many Italians are a

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