Tybee Island

Last week we drove to our favorite place in the US, Tybee Island. It used to be more of a hidden gem, but Tybee Island has been getting more popular year after year. Luckily the island has no chain hotels or restaurants (besides the one random Arby’s?). We’ve stayed at various apartments on the island but this summer’s apartment has been our favorite. The Beach Colony apartment we stayed in is directly on the beach or a very short walk depending on which building you are in. There are two pools, including one with a zero entry and small fountains. There is a local restaurant that opens to the pool allowing for a private pool bar for Beach Colony that also offers a full menu .

We spent less time on the beach this year than we normally do because there were so many kids at the pool, so Felicity and Raffi had fun making friends at the pool. We went to Savannah, one evening to eat at the Pirate’s House and go on a trolley ghost tour (highly recommended if you do a ghost tour in Savannah!). We tried out a new restaurant on the island, Sea Wolf Tybee. Sea Wolf has a unique menu of gourmet hot dogs, cheese boards and vegan entrees. We loved this restaurant for its unique menu and something completely different from what is found on the island.Our favorite restaurant though is Huc-a-Poos, it is an electric restaurant that serves awesome pizza and sandwiches. We went twice because everyone liked it so much!

Tybee Island tips:

  • Beach Colony Apartments has been our favorite option with kids: comfortable apartments, two pools with zero entry, and pool bar and restaurant.
  • Stop at Publix or Kroger on Wilmington Island for groceries before getting to Tybee (there is one grocery store on Tybee, but it has a limited selection and is more expensive)
  • Try Sea Wolf for more unique dining experience
  • Huc-a-Poo’s is great for an inexpensive and great meal, also one of the few restaurants open late
  • Skip the Crab Shack (expensive for what it is)
  • Take a dolphin tour!
Cruising on the Golf Cart we rented
One of the pools at Beach Colony
Cheese and Pickle Tray at Sea Wolf
BIG fans at Sparkle in Savannah
Playing the tide pools at sunset
Tybee Beach at Sunset
Kids waiting for a wave

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